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When spaces that are underutilized are mentioned, basements always come up at the top of the list. This is due to a number of reasons, from the fact that most basements are used as storage areas to the fact that basements are rarely visited by guests and even home owners. Maximizing the space available in your home by turning your basement into a room that you can use, whether as an entertainment room or as an extra guest room, can be one of the wisest and most responsible things you do as a property owner.

Choosing the right contractor to provide you with basement services requires that you do some research into the contractor’s background. When it comes to basement remodeling in Roanoke, VA, we at M & J Home Remodeling & Repair come first in all regards. From providing the framework and structure of your basement to offering expert painting services as well as replacement of critical features, we deliver in a professional and efficient manner at all times. All our work comes with a reliable warranty.

At M & J Home Remodeling & Repair, we employ certified technicians who have decades of experience with remodeling and basement renovation jobs. This is why we are considered the number-one contractor when it comes to basement services in our area. We take pride in providing world-class workmanship and industry-leading services that assure you peace of mind and guarantee you the best outcome on your remodeling projects.